How to be an Aircraft Engineer

If you are the type of person that enjoys mathematics, physics and the science of flight, then aircraft engineer may be the profession you are looking for Aircraft engineers are the individuals that test aircraft systems, supervise the construction of the aircraft as well as maintain them. They are the people that ensure airplanes are safe to fly, but they are also the people that develop new ideas and new systems for our airplanes. Ever wonder how they designed aircraft that have the ability to fly undetected by radar? How about the fighter jets that can fly faster than the speed of sound? As an aircraft engineer you could not only learn about, but take part in these developments.

There are many ways of becoming an aircraft engineer whether it be as a civilian or through the military. Either way, it requires education. If you know early on that you want to be an engineer, ensure that in high school your studies are focused in science and mathematics. Beyond high school, all air craft engineers must have a bachelors degree and receive training in mechanical engineering. Most aircraft engineers have degrees in aerospace engineering or another type of engineering. Some universities and colleges offer programs that include internships or co-ops that will give you the chance of gaining experience to ease the process of finding a job after finishing school. If you want to be an engineer for the military, the process is roughly the same, except the military will provide you with a majority of the training specific to military airplanes. In some cases the military will pay for any required education at a university in exchange for years of service (depending on which country you are serving in).

If you have read all this and still would like to be an aircraft engineer, here are some traits that a successful engineer will possess: strong critical and analytical thinking skills, a meticulous problem-solving personality, the ability to clearly explain engineering situations to non-engineers, curiosity of new methods and creativity to further develop aerospace technology and possible new aircraft and a business minded personality. If you believe you obtain all or most of these personal traits, then you will do perfectly as an aircraft engineer! the job has many perks such as being part of and contributing towards new projects in aerospace technology, fixing aircraft and ensuring the safety of the passengers on board by maintaining the aircraft systems. Also, not to mention the salary which has been reported within the past few years as an average of $103, 720 per year Not bad at all for such a cool job!

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